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The history of IMAKO VINO Winery begins in 1989 when the International Macedonian Company – IMAKO is established. In the beginning the main purpose of the company was wine trade that consequently led to the need for greater quality control and diversification of portfolio. In 2002, winery IMAKO VINO was built as a green-field investment in a picturesque hillside region near the city of Štip.

The capacity of the winery is around 10 million litres of wine annually, acknowledging IMAKO VINO as the third largest wine cellar in Macedonia. The capacity is not the sole advantage of the winery, but also its state-of-the-art production equipment as well as expertise. The technology that supports the process from grape crushing to wine bottling is from the renowned Italian manufacturer DELLA TOFFOLA, in line with the most modern and sophisticated wine-making technologies. Additionally, the winery is equipped with modernized bottling machinery from the Italian brand FIMER enabling a 3000 bottles per hour capacity. Moreover, the winery facilitates production of Bag-in-Box and Pet-Pak wine packaging.

The above mentioned technical advantage acknowledges IMAKO VINO as a capable producer of quality wine for mass consumption in a diversified variety of packaging.

Our Vision is the dream of the company, where we see the Imako Vino brand in near future.

Picture of Imako Black Diamond - Vranec
Dry red wine - Intense - Dark fruit

€7.95 incl tax

Dessertwijn - Fris en Zoet

From €11.25 incl tax

Picture of Imako Majestic Chardonnay
Semi-dry white wine - Creamy - Floral

€8.25 incl tax

Picture of Imako Majestic Temjanika
Semi-dry white wine - Fruity - Floral

€8.25 incl tax

Picture of Imako Majestic Vranec
Semi-dry red wine - Intense

€8.25 incl tax

Muscat White
Dessertwijn - Vol en Zacht

From €11.25 incl tax