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Voskevaz Winery creates unique high-quality wines, which combine winemaking traditions and innovations. Voskevaz winery is located in Aragatsotn region of Armenia in the village of the same name Voskevaz, which in Armenian means "golden bunch". The foothills area of the highest mountain in Armenia-Aragats is amazingly beautiful and diverse, and its country keeps cultural Layers of Armenian civilization previous periods. Just a couple of kilometers from the winery, on the edge of the picturesque gorge of river Kasakh, are located the V-VII century church and remains of karases (Armenian clay amphorae) that were dug into the ground, in which wine was aged .

The winery was founded in 1932. Since then much has changed, however, the most important has remained - unique karases that are the production of the late XIX century. This traditional tool for wine fermentation and aging was used on the territory of Armenia from ancient times, the earliest evidence of which are the remains of one of the oldest wineries in the world (about 6000 years old) found in the caves of Areni , As well as partially preserved karas wine cellar in the ruins of the Urartian fortress Teishebaini (about 2500 year old).




Picture of Voskevaz Red
Dry red wine - Fruity - Nutty

€10.00 incl tax

Picture of Voskevaz White
Dry white wine - Fruity - Floral

€10.00 incl tax