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Brzanov Artisan Winery

Wine is "love" - a pure essence imbued with a purple aura, crafted by the gift of nature and human knowledge to create the perfect elixir as an offering to gods and earthly pleasure seekers. That love and magic entwined in the first touch while crafting one's own wine was the initial challenge and inspiration for Antonio Brzanov, who in 2012 created his artistic masterpiece of unique and exceptional wines originating from the sun-kissed vineyards of Macedonia.

From the moment of the initial contact with the clusters that are crushed and transformed into young wine - Must, to the final product that emerges as a "Genie" in the creatively designed bottles of the Brzanov brand, the "master" Antonio infuses and transfers his own energy and passion into a product that embodies "artisanal wine" with a fervor for artistic perfection.

When you savor his wines, the initial impression and "magic" that caresses your palate and senses is precisely the reverberating magic of the given love and passion for perfection.

The way these wines are handled throughout their production cycle - without the use of chemical enhancers or other "alchemy" - rightfully positions this winery among the few that can bear the epithet "artisanal." Hence, the winery's brand name: BRZANOV ARTISAN WINERY.

Filip Skumanov, hedonist and admirer of beautiful women and wines.