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A grape of mysterious origins, has an emphasized muscat and splendorous scent that leaves no one indifferent. The name itself, incense, means strong, intense smell of thyme. Temjanika wine simply paints your day with the joyful colours of flowers and fruits.
It is supposed to originate from the Middle East and it can be rendered under many synonyms depending on the place where it is grown. This variety represents one of the oldest and ultimately wide-spread varieties in the world. The primary name according to OIV is the Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains. In Macedonia it can be mostly found in the Tikves wine district where has been grown separately in vines for a longer period of time; yet, lately there are new vineyard plantations since this variety is greatly sought as a result of the interest shown for producing muscat wines.

Temjanika is a variety that requires warm climate,Temjanika has an average yield and the grapes are thick – skinned, medium sized with yellowy green skin and rusty spots on the sunny side. The clusters are compressed, medium in size with a cylindrical-conical shape. The juice is colorless with an intense Muscat aroma. There is also dark Temjanika which is very rare and of exceptional quality.
Under the conditions of the Tikves wine district it ripens in late August or early September and produces high quality dry, semi dry and dessert muscat wines.

The Macedonian Temjanika has an intense yellowish-gold color with nuances of green and highly complex and odorous scents. Main aromas are those of Muscat and are spicy; fruit scents of peach, apricot, dry plum and orange are dominant at the beginning, while the flavour of basil and incense follow later.

The Temjanika wine is served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, and can be consumed with light food, white meat, seafood a
with long and dry autumns that will create perfect condition for grapes to stay longer in the vine and absorb more sugar. Later, it can be turned into dry grape for production of natural dessert wines with high percentage of alcohol.

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Tikveš Temjanika Special Selection

Dry white wine - Floral
€11.50 incl tax

Popova Kula Temjanika Aristokrat

Dry white wine - Floral
€10.00 incl tax

Dalvina Godsin Temjanika

Semi-dry white wine - Floral - Fruity
€13.50 incl tax

Kamnik Temjanika single vineyard

Dry white wine - Floral - Fruity - Spicy
€16.75 incl tax

Popov Temjanika Smolnik

Dry white wine - Intense, fruity, fresh, flower, Sweet - Full body
€11.00 incl tax

Stobi Macedonian Royal Reserve Temjanika

Semi sweet wine - Floral
€6.95 incl tax
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