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The word Vranec means strong, black and powerful horse (black stallion), and wine made from this grape variety is associated with strength, potency, and success. 
Vranec also means raven coloured or black, which is why the wine is known also as black wine in Macedonia.
Vranec is a local, Balkan variety and its wines represent the character of the people who live in these areas – warm–blooded and strong. It is assumed that it was created by natural crossbreeding or as a result of spontaneous mutations. It has been grown for a long time in Montenegro, and it also can be found in Dalmacija, Herzegovina, but in Macedonia it’s the most important and leading variety for red wine production, rep¬resenting, at the same time, the type of the Macedonian red wines.

The climate conditions in the Republic of Macedonia enable successful growing for this variety in almost every wine growing area. This variety can mostly be found in the central wine districts through the valley of the River Vardar.
The variety Vranec has got exuberant grapevine, middle-sized clusters and dark blue grapes with coloured skin enriched by colouring substances. It ripens in the second half of September.
The wine that comes from this variety is recognized by its intensive colouration. The high content of the total number of anthocyanin is the main characteristic of this  variety of wines, which makes them unique. The wine is suitable for blending with the wine variet¬ies Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, as well as with wine  used for repairmen of their colour.

The Macedonian wine from Vranec variety has an intense, dark red colour. It exhibits a varietal and rich scent with aroma of ripe fruits. The taste is full, with gentle  structure and harmony. The young wines have a light purple color, with an aroma of strawberry jam and wild berries and firm tannins structure with potential to ripe  in oak barrels. When the mellowing is finished, they provide quality, cultivating complex aroma of dry fruit and cocoa. This wine has a harmony of complex aromas similar to wild berries, rich tannins, chocolate and liquor.

The unique agro-ecological conditions on the Vardar River Valley region give an opportunity for full expression to the biological potential of the variety Vranec. The Vranec plantations in Macedonia have gross heterogeneity. The variety Vranec distinguishes several varieties with different features. Clone selection is in progress. 
The meticulously chosen micro-lo¬cations, using state-of-the-art agro-technol¬ogy in accordance with its agro-biological and technological performances, are undeniably the fundamental precondition for producing high quality wines from this va¬riety. The wines from the variety Vranec are recognizable, distinctive by  their intensive colouration. Holding the specific impression of terroir, the Vranec wines are said to be a unique brand for the Macedonian type of wines on a global level.
The Vranec wine pairs well with all Macedonian dishes, as well as with red meat, game, barbeque and smoked meat.

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Tikveš - T’ga za Jug

Semi dry red wine - fruity - intense
€8.75 incl tax

Popov Vranec Smolnik

Dry red wine - Fruity- Intense
€11.00 incl tax

Kamnik Terroir Vranec Grand Reserva

Dry red wine - Full & Round - Powerful & Rich - Complex
€85.00 incl tax

Dalvina Amfora Vranec

Semi dry red wine
€9.00 incl tax

Tikveš Vranec

Dry red wine - Fruity intense
€11.50 incl tax

Dalvina Dioniz Vranec Barrique

Dry red wine - Full - Fruity - Smooth
From €22.50 incl tax
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