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People under 18 are not allowed to consume alcohol.

Picture of Imako - Astibo
Dry red wine - Full bodied

€5.95 incl tax

Dessertwijn - Fris en Zoet

From €11.25 incl tax

Picture of Kamnik - Euphoria Late Harvest Temjanika - 2008
Dessertwijn - Fruitig, kruidig, vol & rond

Call for pricing

Picture of Macedonian Royal Reserve Kratosija
Dry red wine - Fruity

From €5.35 incl tax

Picture of Popov Vranec  Smolnik
Dry red wine - Fruity- Intense

From €8.95 incl tax

Picture of Stobi - Zilavka
Dry white wine - Herbs - Fresh

From €7.15 incl tax